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  Is it better to be passionate in something or emotionally detached?




  (2008.12) Can people have too much enthusiasm?

  (2010.3) Is moderation an obstacle to achievement and success?

  (2009.5) Should people let their feelings guide them when they make

  important decisions?

  所以我們可以比較容易得出這樣的題目是屬于成功失敗類別里面的。我們的思路就是可以將passionate 轉化為百分百付出和努力堅持,正是因為人們的熱情和堅持才能克服困難,所以就可以直接套用提前準備好的成功失敗中的例子;而選擇反方觀點的話,不摻雜過多的感情可以讓我們更加冷靜和客觀理性。


  People are often advised to be dispassionate in everything we do. Being emotionally detached could make people more objective and rational, which in turn would make good decisions. However, in order to achieve long-term success, passion and intensity is needed. Tracing back to history, great enthusiasm could produce motivation to overcome many obstacles on the road to success. These accomplished individuals have shown that the key to success is years of devotion and endless passion.

  To be a great writer, one needs to devote excessive passion and efforts into his or her works. Mr. Ernest Hemingway, one of the greatest writers of the 20th century and the winner of Nobel Prize in Literature, wrote a huge amount to produce anything worthy of the perfect masterpiece. He has spent a long time crafting and editing his novel. Due to his drive for extraordinary and his high standards for his own work, he paid close attention to even the most minor details. Doing a task very well is very important to him, and he may labor over minute details that others would not bother with. Ernest Hemingway strives for accuracy, efficiency, and precision. This pursuit of perfection made his collections, such as The Sun Also Rises and The Old Man and the Sea, to be considered classics of American literature.Thanks to his passion for success, Hemingway can endure all the tedious editing and crafting. Rather than being emotionally detached, artists should pursue their dreams and goals enthusiastically. Only in this way can they achieve exceptional and excellence.

  Apart from Ernest Hemingway’s masterpieces are the results from his years of devotion;Chris Gardner’s success could also demonstrate that only through ceaseless diligence and intense passion could people gain the final goals. Fascinated by finance but without the connection, an MBA or even a college degree, Gardner applied for training programs at brokerages. Even though the mother of his son left him and despite dire circumstances, he kept his focus. With his passion to achieve success, finally Gardner earned a spot in the training program and earned a license as a stockbroker. Even though Chris is a single father without relevant resources, living on the streets of San Francisco with his little son, he achieved his dream through his intense passion to finance and final success. These are the key factors to motive him to get around all the obstacles and critism. Without his burning desire to success, the traumatizing stress and extremely tough living condition would be strong enough to beat Chris Gardner. However, it is the passion that made individuals start to chase their dream idealistically. Without proper emotion attached, people could lack of the courage and impetus to follow their dreams.

  Sometimes, people may overly reliant upon their emotions and make some irrational decisions. However, rather than being swayed from right decisions, individuals need strong passion and enthusiasm to give them directions and motivations. The prominent writers and entrepreneurs all pursue their goals with interests and years of consistency of efforts.


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